How much do social media experts charge?

While it's not mandatory to show a price with your social media management packages, you can always keep your prices hidden and allow visitors to request a quote. A social media administrator understands the basics that will turn a post into engagement and, ultimately, into conversion. We would love to hear about your experiences of being an independent social media consultant and the daily rate you charge. Instagram management works hand in hand with content marketing, with a social media strategist who understands the time, type of posts, hashtags and influencers that can help drive a campaign.

Before submitting a proposal, make sure you're clear about what your prospects' social media goals are and what they want to see on their social media channels. But that doesn't mean independent social media managers should avoid rejecting tactics and strategies. A smart, easy-to-understand social media report is key to demonstrating the value of your social marketing plan. Despite this fact, many business owners and marketing teams miss out on the expertise or resources to manage their social media presence internally in a strategic way.

Quote “Maybe you've been working in an unrelated field for five or 10 years, and now you're looking to make some money as a social media strategist. Whether you're shooting videos for TikTok and Reels, or taking photos for Instagram and blog posts, today's smartphones are fully capable of capturing content that meets the image and video specifications of each social media platform. More and more small businesses are looking for the services of consultants and social media managers, and there are several packages you can offer them. When a company, agency or individual decides to hire an independent manager, they should consider following the long-term vision of social media activity, especially if it requires building a brand and building customer loyalty.

If you've only worked in corporate positions full time, you can use projects and examples of those roles as long as you focus on the social media marketing strategies you've contributed to and the results you've been responsible for. Before deciding on the price of your social media management services, you need to understand the different ways you can charge customers. I've spent more time than I wish I had tried to understand the pricing of social media marketing.

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