How much do social media agents charge?

If an agency operates on a percentage pricing model, you can expect to pay between 10 and 15% of your total monthly ad spend for the service. There is no fixed cost for a social media agency in the UK, so you're never sure what price you can expect. One of the easiest ways to know social media management costs is to take a look at real-life pricing plans. It can also be difficult to find someone on staff who has the experience and knowledge needed to properly manage your social media accounts.

That means that if you have great social media skills, you can possibly turn them into a job (or business) and earn a lot of money while doing it. An agency owner will demand more than media management, as they may want to make the best impression on their customers. There is a great free e-book from FreshBooks called Breaking the Time Barrier that brings a lot of positive points about why you should avoid the traditional hourly rate that many social media freelancers are used to. Marketing agencies should devote at least part of their clients' marketing strategies to managing social media, or scaling up their efforts.

Many social media managers and consultants also offer services such as blogging, copywriting or graphic design. This will likely mean that you will spend as much or more time training as you will manage their social networks. WebFX has found that the social media visitor to subscriber conversion method is the most cost-effective way to take advantage of massive social media traffic potential. When it comes to how much social media management agencies charge, they charge, the truth is that it depends.

Although social media consultants and freelancers don't earn salaries, it can also be useful to use salary data as a starting point when evaluating your fee schedule. Social media management services typically include developing and managing your company's social media marketing and advertising strategy across one to five social networks. This model is largely based on measurable social media performance metrics and can work for customers looking to have a direct impact on their social media revenue.

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